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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  January 2, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> breaking now on "action news," water spills into the streets on a dangerously cold morning. we're live in northeast philadelphia. >> also breaking overnight, a drive by shooting injures two people as they stand outside a corner store. >> it's back to work and school for the first time for many people since the deep freeze has settled over the delaware and lehigh valleys. the wind chills out there are making it feel near zero. >> goodgood morning everyone its 5:30 on this tuesday january 2nd. who wants it to feel more like it was 2017 in, i don't know, late fall? >> yes. >> do we get to vote? is that how it works? >> that's not how it works. matt, yesterday was saying gee i wish it was july and he made the point we would be complaining about heat then. sun coming up, cloud cover offer the coast more clouds coming from the west but the sunshine even though it will be abundant today isn't going to help not with these numbers. starting out with 11 degrees
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in trenton, 10 allentown, 13 philadelphia, 12 degrees in wilmington and millville and 16 in cape may and the wind chill factor, the big important number today as it currently feels like it's 3 degrees below zero in philadelphia. very similar to yesterday morning actually. 3 degrees below in allentown and trenton, 4 degrees below in reading, zero in wilmington, two below zero in millville. five in cape may. again these are your wind chill numbers. this is what it feels like as you step outside. temperatures today aren't going all that far. we're going stay in the teens for awhile this morning. and then wind up in the low to mid-20's later on. i'm actually going for a high of 26 at about 3 o'clock. at the same time the winds running about eight to 16 miles per hour will make it feel more uncomfortable. single digit wind chills up until about lunchtime or so and during the afternoon, probably holding at about 12 or 13 degrees. what this means is that you want to bundle up in layers but also cover up skin if you're going to be spending time outdoors for an extended period. got a nor'easter coming wednesday night into thursday.
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and karen, it could bring parts of the region some snow. we'll have the latest prognostications from accuweather coming up. >> that should be a nice headache. now we're looking outside live at the schuylkill. we're dry today. this is the scene of that big accident, the same spot that was shut down on saturday for awhile on the schuylkill expressway here near gladwyne with that light snow. today we have sunshine out there. shouldn't be a problem but we have a disabled vehicle it's been kind of stuck out there. overall we're seeing schuylkill expressway moving just fine right here as you're heading out near gladwyne. how about the roosevelt boulevard extension southbound traffic there heading towards the schuylkill, the overhead lights remain out so watch for that on the boulevard between fox street and ridge avenue and we've had a disabled vehicle that's been stuck in the gore point for over an hour or so and still out there right now. be prepared to be stuck for a long time. i know sometimes vehicles don't want to work in the cold weather. this is the big picture here don't forget that water main break from yesterday still a problem here and that's jamestown avenue near henry avenue if you're in that area stick to walnut lane.
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jeanette reyes has been telling us about the icy conditions on minden road at medford road in the residential area. a new one being reported right now on ashton road at grant avenue. it's been busy with water main breaks with these freezing temperatures and that trend continues, tam. >> thank you, karen. let's go back to jeanette who you just mentioned. the philadelphia water department as you're noting has been bombarded with calls for all of these water main breaks and we've got it looks like a couple of more. let's go to jeanette who is at one of them the one on minden and medford streets in the northeast. i've seen some of the pictures you've been tweeting outer and your heart just breaks for these people with all this water in their yard. >> reporter: yeah, tam, you can only imagine. another family i talked to, their entire basement had 4 feet of water. this family is looking at something similar. the water department looks like it's not going to get a break any time soon. the road was already iced over but add to it hundreds of gallons of cold water, that's beginning to ice over and that creates a slippery mess.
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take a look at this video here. it's the family that you were talking about, tam, their drive way kind of dips in a few feet and you can see the water has leveled off, meaning that garage is now several feet full of water. quite a mess. costly mess likely for them. so, what we know so far, 125 homes are currently without service. that is until 9:30 in the morning. the overnight crew, all they can do is shut off the water but that day crew that comes in at 9:30 they're the ones that start to dig into the ground and try repair that water main which we're told is 8-inches. that has been shut off again, 125 homes without service, about three homes are being impacted with water in their homes but the water department was telling me just several days ago that they have been overwhelmed with calls. we got another report minutes ago of another water main break so the best they can do is just try to keep up. if you happen to be impacted by any of this, it will probably take them much longer than usual to get to you because they've been so overwhelmed with these calls.
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reporting live in northeast philadelphia, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> there have been plenty over the last couple of days. thanks jeanette. also breaking overnight a drive by shooting wounded a man and a woman in philadelphia's germantown section. police say the gunman sprayed bullets from the back seat while the victims were just standing outside of a corner store. it happened along the 5100 block of germantown avenue at 2:00 a.m. the man was shot multiple times. he is in serious condition. the woman who was shot in the leg and is in stable. police are searching for a dark colored vehicle with tinted windows that left the scene. >> two key figures will be among those sworn into philadelphia city hall today. larry krasner will take the oath of office as the city's next district attorney. the former civil rights attorney was elected in the wake of seth williams' corruption conviction. he will be replacing kelly hodges who has been serving as interim d.a. philadelphia will also swear in its first female city controller. rebecca rhynhart replaces long
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time incumbent alan butkovitz. the inauguration ceremonies take place at the kimmel center. >> time right now 5:36. president trump returns to work in washington today. the president began the second year of his presidency with confrontational tweets targeting iran and pakistan. president trump slammed leaders in islamabad for lies and deceit saying the country had played the u.s. for fools by not doing enough to control militants. pakistani officials responded on twitter saying the country would make clear the difference between facts and fiction. the first week of 2018 is offering the biggest lottery jackpots in months. no one has won the powerball or mega millions so the jackpots keep on climbing. $343 million are up for grabs in tonight's mega millions drawing. powerball players have a chance at $440 million tomorrow night. you can always see the winning numbers right after accuweather during "action news" at 11:00. >> as most families get back to work and school today aaa
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is predicting a crush of calls for car problems related to the cold. the local midatlantic chapter says it had more than 44,000 calls for help in december. that's a six year high. at freezing a car battery loses about 35 percent of its strength at 0 degrees it loses 60 percent. so it's also important to make sure your tires are properly inflated. mechanics recommend making sure you have enough antifreeze in your car and to leave the car returning for a few minutes to warm up the engine before you start driving. and a pipe that burst from the cold caused problems for an assisted living facility in new jersey. ambulances responded to brookdale of voorhees as a precaution last night. first responders say the residents moved to a different section of the building and everyone is now okay. repairs are currently under way. >> isn't it just fun living in the northeast? >> yeah, it is. it's funny a couple weeks ago my air pressure thing started coming on but then it would moderate. the temperatures would moderate and it would go up. when i saw this cold snap
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coming up i went to the gas station made sure those tires were right. >> good idea. >> haven't had the problem and hopefully you're not going to have one either and that could put a drag on your car. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you dry conditions. we're cold out there again. clear skies over the commodore barry bridge. we'll see plenty of sunshine but like new year's day it's really not going to help much. your temperature 13 degrees in philadelphia, wind chill three below zero because the winds are starting to pick up at 15 miles an hour and we'll see winds similar to this all day long. so, do expect wind chills to still be a problem today even if it's not quite as raw as yesterday. and there, again, is the forecast for sun with not a lot of cloud cover around today. again i'll show you temperatures across the region ranging from about 10 up in allentown and six in lancaster. down to about 16 degrees in cape may and 13 right now in philadelphia. again, those wind chills below zero in most spots so do bundle up and cover up especially if you're going to be spending time on the bus stop or maybe working outside.
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we got some guys putting in gas lines in our neighborhood and man, they've been really dealing with it recently. 14 degrees on the thermometer by 8 o'clock today. by noon, 21 and then your high is about 26 at 3 o'clock. yesterday we only hit 20, so this is a little better but it's still going to be brisk and cold and pretty uncomfortable out there. temperatures across the region will get up to about 24 in allentown today, 23 in reading and lancaster. 26 in wilmington and philadelphia. and a bunch of 25's from trenton over to toms river and down to millville. a little bit better down in cape may. future tracker6 showing you those wind chills starting out below zero. by lunchtime, maybe up to about 11 in philadelphia, more of the same pretty much by 6 o'clock. and later this evening even though the winds die down, it will still be cold enough for those wind chills to drive right back down close to zero in some neighborhoods. wednesday night into thursday, we are looking at a nor'easter coming up the coast and right now most of the tracks appear to be far enough off the coast where this would have a fairly minor impact. the closer track would bring
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us only 7-inches mainly in south jersey and delaware, maybe 1 inch or so in to i-95.phia and areas close track two would actually be farther off the coast and in that case you just get a little brush by at the shore. having said that we are still looking at snow potentially starting by about 9 o'clock at night on wednesday night down the shore and then pushing by 5:30 in the morning all the way up to allentown but light snow here. the steadier stuff highlighted in darker shades of purple and what i wanted to show you was despite that one to 3-inch call there's still pretty wide variety of possibilities showing up on the models. the rpm really thinks this is going to be a storm closer to the coast, driving more snow into the region. we're going more with the one to 3-inch idea which is pretty much what these other three models have. the closer you are to atlantic city, and this is the airport, not the coast, the better chance you have of maybe getting that brush by scenario where it's only an inch but if the storm were closer it could give you a lot more. right now, again, about one to 3 inches, maybe a little more than that down at the shore. that's the most likely
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scenario. stick with us on it for changes. they are always possible with these coastal storm system. tomorrow afternoon by the way ahead of this snow arriving yeah it will cloud up but the temperatures are going to go up to 31 and tomorrow afternoon would real be a pretty good day to get out there and get errands done if you've been kind of hibernating and putting that off. accuweather alerts on thursday through saturday, it's the snow on thursday, hopefully not a lot, 29 degrees as the nor'easter scoots by and then on friday and saturday behind that storm, another shot of bitter cold, a high of 16 on friday, 17 saturday. those overnight lows of five and four are close to record lows. and then on sunday, dry but still pretty cold with a high of 23. we're back up to 38 degrees on monday which will feel great, except during parts of the day we could see some snow or ice or maybe some wet snow mixing in. so, no rest for the weary. >> okay. >> when is that thaw coming in january. >> yeah, hm. >> sometime. >> it's called april. it is now 5:41. >> 5:41 now. passengers spend half a day
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stuck on a train. >> the widow of a slain sheriff's deputy talks about her grief at a candlelight vigil in his honor. >> a coast guard crew rescuing man whose car plunged off a marina. karen. >> looking live at 202 at main street where traffic is moving okay. we're going to take you to bucks county coming up next. >> ♪ ,000 in america last year.
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hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you. >> ♪ >> now, that is a moon worthy of moon struck. look at that beautiful moon. we had a supermoon and those
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of you who get up early get to enjoy the last remnants of it before dawn breaks. it's 5:44 and just 13 degrees. >> wouldn't it be great if someone was on the moon looking at us right now. >> maybe they are. we just can't see them. that's the thing. could be. and you know, it's bright out there especially because of the moon reflecting off of the snow on the ground. it was too cold for me to get out and moon gaze but maybe you can do that. we're looking outside live here in bucks county. this is i-95 at business route one. traffic's moving nicely. we are clear and dry. that's your southbound traffic there headed towards bristol township with no delay. but we do expect delays again today. lots of people headed back to work and we're dealing with the freezing cold temperatures and also water main breaks so we're watching for this year. ashton road at grant avenue, that's the newest report of a water main break here as well as minden road and medford road so a couple of water main breaks there we've been dealing with that have been causing problems this morning so be careful there. also in springfield township
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in delaware county, we've got a problem on powell road between thompson avenue and springfield road. a gas main installation causing restrictions from 9:00 until 3:00. it's today starts and lasting through may so you'll be dealing with this one a little while longer. stick to baltimore pike as your alternate. the idea of may sounds nice, doesn't it? it will be warmer then. looking outsidelooking outside w jersey this is route 38 at nixon drive in moorestown burlington county where traffic is moving nicely. kind of quiet out there. not too many people up and about. you're going to want to give your car some time to warm up. it's only 8 degrees in quakertown and coatesville. 13 degrees in center city. in the suburbs in new jersey it's 11 in browns mills, 12 in glassboro, 12 degrees in dover, delaware and when you factor in a little bit of a light wind, still feels like minus three right now in philadelphia. so, bitter cold once again this morning. a high though of 26 with sunshine. matt. >> thank you, karen. happening today, the man accused of making a hoax phone
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call that resulted in a deadly police shooting in kansas is expected in court. investigators say 25-year-old tyler barris called 911 with a fake story about a shooting and a kidnapping at a home in wichita. a s.w.a.t. team responded and shot and killed 28-year-old andrew finch. barris was convicted in 2016 on two counts of making a false bomb report to a tv station in southern california a candlelight vigil was held last night for a colorado sheriff's deputy who was killed while responding to disturbance report. the vigil for 29-year-old zachary parish took place in littleton at the church he and his family attended. >> means so much to hear your stories and to hear about zach because that's what i'm clinging onto right now. >> authorities say the suspect 37-year-old matthew riehl fired more than 100 rounds before he was killed by a s.w.a.t. team on sunday. four other officers and two civilians were injured.
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authorities say riehl was an iraqi veteran who was on law enforcement's radar for rants against police. >> more than 140 amtrak passengers finally glad to be out of a situation breathing a sigh of relief after being trapped on a train for over 12 hours. the trip from chicago to detroit was only supposed to take them five. the trouble included an engine problem and frozen tire tracks but passengers say the worst part was making stops in the middle of nowhere waiting for hours to switch out the crews. fortunately some of the workers took a little pity on the passengers and hand delivered hot breakfast sand wind chills. a sedan plunged into the waters off panama city florida. an 89-year-old man drove his car through the railing of the marina. they broke the car's windows and rescued the man. he was then taken to the hospital. he's expected to make a full recovery. >> just about 5:49 now. we'll take a look at the winners of the mummers parade
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next. >> and a man uses a highway billboard to pop the question. her response is coming up. >> ♪
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>> not that they're awful but it gets cold there. >> it does. >> even minus three for the wind chill right now feels pretty terrible. >> negative seven right now in chicago on the thermometer though so it could be worse. >> could be worse. still feels cold. let's take a look outside right now and check mass transit. we've got some issues going on right now. new jersey transit river line is suspended now between hamilton avenue and the trenton transportation center. they're removing debris from the track. in the meantime you have to watch for this. it's all happening at hamilton avenue. so otherwise mass transit's back to normal but currently suspended with the river line. it's cold to be waiting outside for that so get a heads up there. blue route past ridge avenue, a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. penndot is assisting. other than that looking good on the blue route, dave. >> coupling out of coming out of a top five coldest new year's. 10 in allentown and reading, 12 in millville. the winds are beginning to pick up in some spots they're in the low teens and that's giving us wind chills below zero. once again this morning do bundle up and cover up if
5:53 am
you're going to be spending some extended period of time out this morning. this afternoon it gets a little bit better. 21 degrees by noon but a high of only 26 degrees today and with the wind continuing to run through the region, around 15 miles per hour or so, we're looking at wind chills making it feel like it's about 12 even at the better part of the afternoon. matt and tam. >> all right, thank you, david. it's a good thing alabama won the sugar bowl last night. one fan at the game had been having a really bad day. this was the woman's rv after it burst into flames near the super dome. there's no saving that. the new orleans fire department quickly knocked down the fire. no one was hurt. and the fan said she still planned on attending the game and at least her team won. >> ♪
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>> the bitter cold did not keep the mummers from strutting their stuff late in the night. the parade crowd did seem a little bit smaller, no doubt due to mother nature. here are the winners for the 2018 mummers parade. south philadelphia takes top honors for the string bands this year. golden sunrise rose to the occasion winning the fancy brigade. the two street stompers marched to the head of the line in the comics brigade and for the wenches oregon nya took first place. >> a massachusetts man proposed to his girlfriend with a little help from a highway billboard. eliana and bob pulled into a bank parking lot in medford
5:57 am
yesterday and that is when eliana looked up. >> i just put my hand and oh, my god. what a big surprise. >> i was just trying to think of something different and i was just googling and going online getting different ideas and i came across something like this. >> eliana and bob haven't talked about a honeymoon location yet but remind you they're from new england, they both agree wherever they go it's going to be warm. that sounds nice to us, too. >> take us along with you. [laughter] it's 5:57. developing overnight a computer outage at u.s. customs leads to long airport lines across the country. >> shoshana wants to help you with your new year's resolution. her fitness tip is a little later in our next half hour. >> ♪ el: broke, homeless,
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>> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday january 2nd. >> we're following breaking news. a water main break is causing a big mess in northeast philadelphia. in neighborhood right now. >> a shooting near temple university overnight sends a 24-year-old man to the hospital. >> the deep freeze continues this morning as most people have to head out back to work and school. i've got on snow boots under the desk. i think i'm going to probably wear them all january. >> you do. i didn't even notice that. >> they're very warm. >> tam is always prepared, karen. >> she is and looking good in those snow boots. you need heavy layers. >> and maybe cover up the skin a little bit. we were talking about that a lot yesterday. take a look at the weather center. we've got plenty of sunshine coming. that's not really going to help very much because the temperatures once again are going to be raw as are the wind chills and they definitely are this morning. 13 degrees right now in philadelphia.


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